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History of Hair

Ancient Civilizations Egypt In the heat of Egypt, noblemen & women clipped their hair close to the head. But for ceremonial occasions heavy, curly black wigs were donned.Women wigs were often long & braided, adorned with gold ornaments or ivory hairpins. Men faces were generally clean shaved, but stiff false …

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Pompadour Vintage Curl

Step 1 : Part your hair on the side.  Step 2 : Take a large fringe. Step 3 : Spray lightly to remove any frizzy strands. Step 4 : Twist your strand in a coily shape to create a curl. Step 5 : Pin down with a bobby pin. Step …

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Calvicie Women

The causes of Calvicie Women can be many and very different. To find out which treatment will work, you need to know the cause of your alopecia.

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