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Side-Swept Bangs

Are Side-Swept Bangs A Good Idea For Long, Thin & Curly Hair?


Rumor has it you’re thinking of hopping on board the side-swept bang train. And why not? These bangs are super sexy and add a bit of mystery to your look. If you’ve got long hair that is thin and curly, you may not know if this style is right for you. But if you take a few items into consideration, you can decide if these bangs are a good idea.

Face Shape

Yes, you’re gorgeous. But the question is, will your face shape look good with these bangs? Chances are, yes. Shapes like oval, square, round, heart and oblong look stunning with these types of bangs. Plus, they can make long faces and big foreheads look more petite. And to top it all off, bangs typically make thin hair look thicker, so it’s a win-win all around.

Styling Requirements

Bangs require a little more work than simply getting up and going, particularly when they are curly. Before you get snipped, make sure you’ll put up with having to style them practically every day. You’ll have to get them soaked, then apply a teeny tiny drop of shine serum, which fights frizz and gets them gorgeous. Hold your bangs in between two fingers, then aim the hair dryer at your roots. Switch to your ends and alternate back and forth until they are almost dry. Use a round brush to curl your bangs under. Although it takes a bit of effort, you’ll look adorable and stylish in no time.

Cut Requirements

If you’re one of the those gals who only gets a haircut once or twice a year, these bangs are not for you. They require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them looking good. If you let them get too long, you’ll look like you’re growing out your bangs. Not to mention, they’ll be in your eyes and annoying. So plan on visiting your stylist once every month or two for a trim if you decide to rock these bangs. She might even do if for free or at a cheap price if you come in often enough.

Faking It

If you want the side-swept look but don’t actually want to get your hair cut, or if you simply want to know if it will flatter you, there’s a way you can fake it. Get your hair wet, then apply a curl enhancing spray to your mane. Blow dry it as usual, then brush the front section of your hair to the side with a paddle brush. It should look smooth and silky, if not, go back and try again. Secure the section with bobby pins around your ears, then spritz a light misting of hair spray over top to keep it in place. If you’re digging this style, you’ll like the look of side swept bangs as well. But if you don’t want something permanent, you can always style your hair like this.

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