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Bangs for Frizzy and Curly Hair

If you have frizzy and curly hair, wearing bangs is a tricky proposition. Cut your bangs aggressively and they spring upward and outward, refusing to behave. Grow them long and they show off damaged ends more than defined curls. Before you pull it all into a ponytail and call it a day, take heart. Some cool trimming techniques and alternative hairstyles give you that romantic fringe of hair framing your face.

Tendril Bangs

Stop thinking of bangs as sleek, flat segments that sit smack in the middle of your forehead. Consider, curly girls, the option of wearing shorter hair at the sides of your face to frame your features. If you wear an up-do or ponytail, leave those isolated strands and turn them into tendrils by moisturizing them with deep conditioner and spritzing on styling gel with a strong hold. If you wear your hair down, highlight side bangs by styling them with shine serum.

Long Bangs

Keeping your frizzy, curly hair longer in front gives you more styling options. However, it also can make your bangs look bulky and damaged. Resolve this issue by employing a favorite tool of the trade: thinning shears. These babies feature notched blades so your precious curls slip through and you only cut some of your strands. In essence, you keep the shape of your bangs but lose the bulk that makes your hair look frizzy and unmanageable. If all that hair hanging in front of your face annoys you, use mousse or hair mud to manipulate your bangs to the side.

Side-Swept Bangs

Whether you have barely wavy hair or corkscrew curls, you can rock this style. Start by deeply parting your hair on one side. Push you hair to the opposite side of your head. This creates a big puff of volume on top that you can tame with hair gel or mud if you wish. Push the puff lower on your head, toward your forehead, so your curls slant across your forehead. Women with thinner, wavy hair can keep this style in place with gel, while women with thicker, curlier hair require a thick leave-in conditioner topped with a pudding-style hair product.


Trimming away damaged ends can seem like an endless battle against frizz. However, you can take proactive measures that reduce the amount of split ends, tangles and knots your hair develops as it grows and thickens. Skip harsh shampoos and use a light conditioner to wash your scalp and hair instead. Gently twist your hair to rid it of excess water. Then apply a thick conditioner and use your fingers to carefully comb it through your hair. Skip drying and styling products that involve rubbing and heating your hair. Air-dry it instead. Sleep on a silky pillowcase to minimize knots and tangles.

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