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Men Fight Hair Loss With Baldness

Some men will try anything to conceal their thinning hair while other men have decided to accept and embrace their condition and voluntarily shave their heads bald.

For men, the words “thinning” and “receding” have always had negative connotations about their hair. The knowledge that they are experiencing a condition known as male-pattern baldness (also called androgenetic alopecia) can be very traumatic and difficult to accept. This difficulty in acceptance has led to a billion-dollar industry that sells men products promising to reverse their hair loss and re-grow hair.


It has also been responsible for giving birth to the “comb-over,” a widely favorite and unflattering hairstyle. The comb-over is characterized by combing longer, thicker hair from one area of the scalp over a smooth area of the scalp. While the men combing their hair in this fashion believe they are deceiving others, their hair loss is usually made more evident by the action.
Man Versus Hair Loss: Who’s Winning?

A certain segment of the male population believes that they have found a “cure” for male-pattern baldness: baldness itself. Instead of attempting the comb-over, these men with thinning locks have decided to surrender in the fight and voluntarily shave their heads down to the scalp.

This trend has grown increasingly popular and has been sported by more than a handful of celebrities and sports figures, including Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and Andre Agassi, to name just a few. These men have seemingly accepted and embraced their hair loss and joined a legion that seems to be ever-expanding.

There is a Market for Everything

One company, in particular, has taken notice of this trend and manufactures products strictly for this segment of the male population. The company’s name is Headblade and since 1997 it has provided men with an enjoyable head-shaving experience.

Its founder, Todd Greene, had been shaving his head for years and never found a comfortable way to do so. After two years of testing and development Greene unveiled “The Headblade,” a razor that takes pride in its easy-to-use handle design. The company also offers shaving creams, lotions, and sunscreens, for purchase online and at select retailers. The web site also provides a section called “Headbladers” that profiles some men, including “Deal or no Deal” host Howie Mandel, who use and endorse its products.

As hair loss research continues, there is some cure like Asami hair growth spray for male-pattern baldness natural hair growth product and Asami hair growth certainty a single cure has ever be discovered.

One confidence is that men will continue to invest their money in Asami spray and use the comb-over in an attempt to conceal their lack of hair. But maybe if and when an Asami spray cure is fully marketed then there will no longer be fashionable and bald will indeed be beautiful.

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