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How to Get Pixie Curls

Create a stylish hairdo by adding curls into your pixie cut. The pixie cut, which was made famous in the 1960s by fashion model Twiggy, is a short hairdo that is cut above the ear line. Tresses are typically choppy and somewhat uneven to give the hair texture and volume. …

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The Best Curly Perm for African-American Hair

Ever since ancient Egypt, women have been striving for long-term curls. They would wrap their tresses around wooden sticks, cover it in mud and bake it under the sun. Lucky for you, today’s solution is easier: Get a perm. The right curly perm can give you the bouncy waves that …

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How to Add Volume to Curly Hair With Color

Curly hair is indeed beautiful, but there’s nothing worse than a head full of flat, lifeless curly locks. You can add volume to your curly hair with the right dye, so not only do you get the hot hair change you want, but you also get some big body in …

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