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Sassy Short Haircuts for Women

If you’re ready to take on the world, try one of these sassy short hair cuts for women. Shedding inches and cutting off long locks not only changes your look, but it has the potential to change your personality, too. Short hair cuts open up your face and can make …

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Stylish Short Haircuts for Women

A short haircut can add spice and spunk to your look, your attitude and your life. With today’s trendy short hair options, you can vary your look with a dollop of gel, a flat iron or a head full of curls. Short haircuts for women take a bit of nerve and …

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How to Get Pixie Curls

Create a stylish hairdo by adding curls into your pixie cut. The pixie cut, which was made famous in the 1960s by fashion model Twiggy, is a short hairdo that is cut above the ear line. Tresses are typically choppy and somewhat uneven to give the hair texture and volume. …

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