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How to Make African-American Hair Curly

Curly hair is pretty, romantic and feminine. Styled into a fancy updo or loose and lovely, it always works. Whether your hair is slightly curly already and you just want to amp it up or it barely has any wave at all, there are things you can do to make …

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About Curly African-American Hair

Black hair often makes a bold statement. While it’s similar in color to Asian and Native American hair, African-American hair differs in structure from these straight types of hair. It is usually curly or coily, giving many a lucky lady loads of texture and volume. But the same unique structure …

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The Best Synthetic Hair for Twist Hairstyles

You twist if you’re a white chick. You twist if you’re a Chica. African-American hotties passionate about the newest of the new in hair fashion get their twist on, too. Twist hairstyles are trending big time, as red carpet shows and “InStyle” and “People” magazine feature stories attest and many …

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