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Swept Bangs

Short & Wavy Hairstyles With Swept Bangs


Shaking up your looks with short hair could make you seem more outgoing & confident. Swept bangs plus short, wavy hair add up to a sexy, versatile look. Celebs including Evan Rachel Wood, ScarJo, Katherine Heigl and Nora Zehetner have all chopped long locks for wavy short styles. Get inspired by their short success to craft your style statement.

Wavy Pixie

If you’re in the condition for a serious short do, get a pixie cut like Evan Rachel Wood. This versatile cut can be styled soft and sweet around the face, like Evan did at “The Ides of March” premier. Or it can get edgy and chic if you incorporate volumizing products. Push the bangs up if you’re after a high hairdo, or use them to frame your face for a softer, feminine look.

Blunt Bob

If you’ve got light waves, a cropped bob shows off your hair’s movement and volume. Celebs ScarJo and Nora Zehetner are big fans of this look. Try long fringe if you want the bangs to blend in with the hair. Choose long, one-length bangs that you can push across the forehead if you want the fringed look. Chop your bob anywhere between the ears and the chin — it’s up to you how short to take things.

Soft Shags

Slightly longer and more layered than the bob, the shag offers versatile length and layering for wavy locks. You can incorporate long side bangs or full frontal fringe with this look. Use leave-in conditioner and a pea-sized dab of hair gel to sculpt and hold your waves. Long bangs that frame your face and blend with the shag work best for this ‘do.

Pulled-back Pony

Short-haired mavens dread the grow-out, when their cropped ‘do’s hover between pixie and bob length. Bite Nora Zehetner’s style and use the pulled-back pony to show off your waves. To get this style, pull your cropped locks back into a low ponytail. Secure loose tendrils with bobby pins or let them — and your bangs — fall to frame your face. Throw in a hair scarf like Nora if you want to keep the waves off your face for a change.

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