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The Best Bangs for Curly Long Hair

Rapunzel, Rapunzel … let’s cut you some bangs. Your long, curly hair is flirty and feminine, but there’s one problem: with all that weight on the lower half, your roots are likely falling flat and lacking in volume. Gals with curls tend to be afraid of cutting bangs, but when they’re done properly, they’ll update your style and require only minimal maintenance. Take your tresses from boring to bombshell with the help of your hairdresser — and a little courage, of course!


Ready to go all out and have your bangs go across your forehead? Make sure the stylist is aware of your natural hair texture. If you walked in with your hair straightened, you might end up with short bangs that will curl up at the slightest drop of humidity — not cute. Bangs for curly tresses should be longer and choppier rather than blunt; a slight curl in an uneven fringe doesn’t look as obvious as with straight-across bangs.

Side Bangs

If you’re not ready to commit to everyday bangs, opt for longer side bangs. Ask your stylist to layer them so they aren’t too heavy or blunt, and request that the shortest part start only at your nose. To style, part your hair to the side and blow dry your bangs upwards with a round brush for volume. The best part? If you’re having a bad bangs day, hide them by twisting or pinning them back with a bobby pin.


To make a statement, try this fun ’70s trend that’s back in style: winged bangs. With your long curls, the look is laid-back and bohemian. With your hair parted in the center, just ask the stylist to layer your hair on each side with the shortest piece, beginning just above your jaw. To style the “wings,” clamp an inch-wide piece at the front with your curling iron, then flip it upwards and towards the back. Release it gently and repeat for the other side.

Tips and Tricks

There’s three tools every beauty with bangs should own: a round brush, alcohol-free hairspray and dry shampoo. Instead of straightening bangs, use a round brush to blow dry them bouncy. Hairspray is helpful for keeping your style in place, but it should be alcohol-free to prevent irritation against your skin when the bangs touch your face. Finally, dry shampoo will be your best friend: curls only need to be washed every few days, but bangs can look greasy overnight. Sprinkle some on to save time.


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